Farm Tour at Greens For You

Celia and Elton Koehn, the dedicated local farming duo of Greens For You in Arthur, IL, have been growing fresh local romaine, butterhead lettuce, and other salad greens for Common Ground Food Co-op for more than seven years straight without missing one weekly delivery! They are so hardworking and we are proud to boast that we received their first ever delivery when they were just beginning their venture and they’ve been a staple local farm in our produce section ever since.

Tour of Glow By Lola

Glow is such a truly fitting word to describe the work and wellness of Lola Pittenger. You may know Glow By Lola for the carefully crafted and aromatic skincare line and wellness products found at Common Ground. Did you know that out of 90+ local producers within 100 miles, Glow By Lola is the closest local producer to the Co-op, just blocks away!

Tour of Central Illinois Bakehouse

One of the most popular local bakeries in CU is Central Illinois Bakehouse located off of First Street and University Avenue. This bakery is a powerhouse dropping off fresh baked breads and desserts to Common Ground each morning before we open and make the rounds to all other CU local businesses and coffee shops. These bakers are invested, baking in the middle of the night to deliver super fresh goods made with love.

Farm Tour at Dayempur Herbals

About three hours south of Common Ground in Anna, Illinois, sits Dayempur Farm: Center for Sustainable Living. This magical place thrives with a supportive Sufi community in the thickly wooded wildlife refuge adjacent to the Shawnee National Forest. The word “Dayempur” stands for ancient or eternal place, signifying the history of the land and how it has been passed through various committed stewards who’ve promised to protect this special land and its waterways.

Tour at Piemonte Sausage

As fourth generation sausage makers, the Urbana couple, Susan Carano and Claude Cole have made a name for themselves by making delicious homemade sausages using the recipes passed down from Susan’s grandparents. Piemonte Sausage is named after the region, Piemont, where Susan’s Italian family was from. The mountain range featured on their logo and all of their sausages pay homage to the family members and the traditions and flavors passed down through the generations.

Farm Tour at Moore Family Farm

Along the Iroquis river in Watseka, Illinois, about sixty miles away from the Co-op, live the Moore Family, who own and operate the 100 acre homestead. This farm family’s legacy is unique because both sides of their families come from have century-old family farms, providing the knowledge of over 200 years of generational farming experience. Their Watseka farm, also known as Moore Family Farm, has been farmed sustainably by the couple, Diann and Jim and their oldest son Wes for more than 30 years.

In The Media: March Newsletter

by Reneeta Mack


A Brighter Future Starts with Today

February brought with it the lasting effects from one of the longest government shutdowns in U.S. history. Unprepared for the flood of problems which followed the crisis that took America by storm last January, it became increasingly apparent just how important it is to make sure that as a community of people, we're creating or contributing to ways in which we're able to promote environmental sustainability and self-preservation.


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