Supplement Safety and Your Health

In October 2015, the Council for Responsible Nutrition published survey results showing that an estimated 68% of Americans take one or more dietary supplements daily to fill nutritional gaps, address diagnosed nutrient deficiencies and support or improve physiological function for more optimal health. Of the people surveyed, 80 percent believe nutritional supplements are safe and effective. That belief is well-founded as dietary supplement companies are held accountable for the safety of their products and supplements in America have an enviable safety record.

Sola Gratia Farm Tour with pictures

We had a wonderful tour of Sola Gratia Farm the other day with the Farm Manager, Hunter DiFonso. We took so many pictures that we had to share them with you. This is the fifth season for Sola Gratia Farm, located off of Philo Road, only a 8 minute drive from the Co-op. With a beautiful work shed, a nice greenhouse, a large pollinator garden, and 4 acres for vegetables, they have a lot growing.

JUNE 2016 Comment Cards

Are the gluten free real ice cream sandwiches coming back? Common Ground used to carry them. They're great in the summer especially for celiacs. Thanks!


Unfortunately these had been discontinued by Julie's but we should be having Jenny's gf sandwiches by the end of the summer. We have house made cookies and gluten free ice cream if you would like to make your own until then! Ask a staff member for some ideas! Thanks for your feedback.

Earth Day Starts at Home

I have a confession to make. Sometimes, in the course of my week, I make too much food. Sound like a good problem to have? Well, it seems to be alarmingly common in our affluent country. My excuse is that I develop recipes for a living, so I test recipes even when I already have food to eat. My family, friends and neighbors all benefit from my overproduction, but more often than I would like, things go to waste. That half a jar of tomatoes for the pizza I made a couple of weeks ago got ignored when I moved on to testing dessert recipes.


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