Farm Tour at Moore Family Farm

Along the Iroquis river in Watseka, Illinois, about sixty miles away from the Co-op, live the Moore Family, who own and operate the 100 acre homestead. This farm family’s legacy is unique because both sides of their families come from have century-old family farms, providing the knowledge of over 200 years of generational farming experience. Their Watseka farm, also known as Moore Family Farm, has been farmed sustainably by the couple, Diann and Jim and their oldest son Wes for more than 30 years.

In The Media: March Newsletter

by Reneeta Mack


A Brighter Future Starts with Today

February brought with it the lasting effects from one of the longest government shutdowns in U.S. history. Unprepared for the flood of problems which followed the crisis that took America by storm last January, it became increasingly apparent just how important it is to make sure that as a community of people, we're creating or contributing to ways in which we're able to promote environmental sustainability and self-preservation.


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