Local Profile with 2nd Nature Honey

I am a beekeeper, but the truth is that beekeeping did not come naturally. When someone gifted me with a hive about seven years ago, I spent the first year being terrified every time I opened it.  Honey bees pick up very quickly on a beekeeper's fear, so I knew I had to get over it.  

When I started talking to my bees, I started to relax. Then I started to listen. They were talking back through their buzzing. Over the course of many conversations, my bees wrapped their tiny legs around my heart. Today I talk to them every chance I get.

Local Profile with J & K Meats

Q & A with James and Kaylee from J & K Meats

What does your farm name mean to you? How did you choose this name?

We choose J & K Meats when my wife and I got married. It stands for James and Kaylee!

Where is your farm located? How many miles do you travel to reach Common Ground?

Our farm is located in Greenup, Illinois, 50 miles from Common Ground.

What do you raise? What is your signature product?

Back to Eden

Co-ops at their core are a community of people. We come together to own and jointly support a vision for change through the vehicle of a business. Our CGFC community is made up of almost 6,000 people who own a share in CGFC and regularly support the business.

Water Filtration

Most of us rely on our city water utility to provide us with clean water for drinking, washing, bathing… And there are some of us who rely on our wells.  No matter how we get our water, we know that it has been tested and meets certain governmental standards for cleanliness.  We receive an annual report from our provider that lists results from testing.

Pairing Your Beer

We celebrate a diverse beer selection here at Common Ground, and with so many varieties it can be difficult to choose. For those (like myself) who enjoy beer but may not have a grasp on what food goes with each style, we stumbled across this helpful chart about pairing beer with food. We have put together a list of beers and complementary recipes for each meal of the day! Yes, that includes breakfast. 


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