Water Supply Networks

This year we’d like to begin a conversation about water, the most essential substance for the maintenance of life on Earth. In upcoming posts, we’ll be presenting basic information on water options for home and garden use, filtration options, sustainability issues and environmental impact. The goal is to provide information on how all the specific topics fit together so you can make informed decisions about the choices we all make every day.

Growing Our Food For All Discount

CGFC’s Food for All program was created in January of 2009 in response to a clear message from our owners that they felt addressing access needed to be front and center in their Co-op’s work; to address the economic barriers that exist between so many people in our community and access to healthy food.  A key part of the Food for All program’s design is a 5% discount on all groceries - based on economic need.

Our Cooperative Business

The last quarter of every year at CGFC is spent planning. We revisit our current business plan, brainstorm with staff, identify future challenges, study competition trends and use all that information to formalize a business plan for the next three years at Common Ground. From that plan, we structure a budget to meet the needs of the store, each department and our Ends (goals) to serve the community.

Fresh in the deli: Hot Chocolate

As the weather gets colder outside, there is nothing better than a hot drink to warm the hands, calm the mind and satisfy the craving in your belly. That’s why during the month of December, our deli is featuring the all-time classic, hot chocolate. Our hot chocolate is simply made using all organic ingredients —Dutch cocoa powder, sea salt, fairly traded sugar cane, vanilla. It’s vegan, gluten free and can be tailored to your chocolate-loving heart's desire. Each week our deli will highlight a different hot chocolate flavor —all delicious and sure to hit the spot!

Moving Beyond The Fork: Civic Engagement

“Vote with your fork” has been the unofficial slogan of the local food and sustainable agriculture movement. Over the last decade as the public has learned more and more about the hidden costs of cheap food, millions of concerned individuals have sought out ways to positively transform the unsustainable industrial system of agriculture. Consumers have helped to create an alternative food system, that is taking root everywhere.


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