2022 Round Up For Good Grant Project Proposals


The following local organizations were  nominated by Co-op Owners to be voted on during the 2021 Co-op owner election. Only organizations who submitted the Co-op's Project Proposal Form will be listed on the ballot. Each organization has been categorized based on their project proposal. The Round Up For Good categories include Food Access, Community Services, Children, Sustainability/Environmental Advocacy, Housing, Arts, and Animals. 


Food Access


The Channing Murray Foundation

Mission: The Bucket Brigade was founded in response to a crisis of food insecurity in the wake of the pandemic. Our mission is to promote food justice by delivering hot meals, packaged food, fresh produce, and other critical resources to households.

Project Proposal: Our extended program, Canasta Básica's initial funds ended at the beginning of September, we can only fulfill the needs of the Latinx/Hispanic community through Bucket Brigade without acknowledging its cultural aspect. With this grant, our goal is to continue partnering with Maize, Solidarity Gardens, and other local organizations that can outreach to more families in need to distribute Latinx essentials. With this grant we will be able to take on more families that deserve this service.



Eastern Illinois Foodbank

Mission: The Eastern Illinois Foodbank exists to alleviate hunger in eastern Illinois by providing a reliable source of food for the hungry through cooperation with a network of food pantries and agencies.

Project Proposal: EIF is located in a low manufacturing area. This paired with disruptions to the food chain and rising costs during the pandemic made it difficult to meet the increased need in our 18-county service area. To ensure we are poised to continue providing product to the more than 100,000 people in eastern Illinois facing food insecurity, an efficient delivery system with foodbanks in our network is key. Proceeds will directly fund the delivery of 8 - 10 truckloads of donated product for our community.



Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

Mission: The mission of the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen is to feed the hungry of our community regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. We welcome all volunteers to this service who share an unconditional positive regard for every human being.

Project Proposal: Our yearly budget indicates that we will spend $31,974 on protein, meat and cheese, for our sack lunches. We serve an average of 225 to-go hot meals, accompanied by a sack lunch. The sack lunches are filled with hearty meat and cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. For our homeless and transient guests this is often their only meal. Also, we provide each guest with a bottle of water. We are requesting $5,000 to help pay for the additional protein, meat and cheese, for our sack lunches.



Habitat for Humanity Community Garden

Mission: Dedicated to bringing people together to help alleviate the burden of food deserts by providing a source of fresh produce, increase education of good health and nutrition through growing one’s own food, and strengthen neighborhood collaboration.

Project Proposal: As we close out the third year of Habitat's community garden we have become fully aware the garden is a huge boon for the neighborhood which is in crisis. The community garden is a place for positive collaboration, provides fresh accessible produce, and brings neighbors together . We need additional garden beds to increase our growing capacity. Our current beds need a complete soil analysis and to have compost added. Purchasing plants/seeds is always a challenge with our limited budget.



Jubilee Cafe CUCC

Mission: Jubilee Café provides a free, no questions asked weekly meal for anyone struggling with food insecurity. We also provide pantry items, fresh produce, and personal hygiene supplies. We are serving meals to go until it is safe to serve a sit down meal.

Project Proposal: Many of our guests need personal care items including soap, shampoo, tooth paste/brushes, tampons, pads, and lotion and other skin care products. They cannot purchase these with funds from federal assistance programs like SNAP. And they are not typically available through our regular community partners. We will use funds from Round Up for Good to purchase these items for our guests.



Sola Gratia Farm

Mission: SGF is a community-based farm dedicated to producing locally-grown, high-quality, natural produce. SGF is committed to helping those who lack adequate food resources by donating a minimum of 10% of of its produce to support regional hunger programs.

Project Proposal: SGF has consistently provided at least 20-30% of our fresh vegetable harvest to our local foodbank, food pantries, soup kitchens, little free markets and pantries and special requests and events. We offer educational and outreach support in our community so that neighbors in need have an opportunity to learn more about and engage in food production, food preparation and food enjoyment. Much of our mission-related work is made possible through donations and grants. Thank you for your support!



Community Services


4-H Memorial Camp

Mission: To create supportive environments and programs for youth and adults to reach their fullest potential.

Project Proposal: Our Team Challenge Course, originally built in the 1980's, is used to provide teambuilding/leadership programs, serving thousands of youth campers, youth groups, and adult participants annually. Unfortunately, the wood, cable, and rope elements (many built in trees) are wearing out even with continued maintenance. These grant dollars would allow us to purchase necessary building materials to replace and add elements so we can continue to provide programs that help people work together better.



The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign

Misson: The Bike Project is a non-profit, charitable organization of bicycle users whose mission is to educate and empower the community by providing a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, engage in maintenance practices, and promote safe operation

Project Proposal: The Bike Project is requesting funding to support for our Kids’ Bike Giveaway (KBG) program. The KBG is a program wherein Bike Project volunteers collect donated kids’ bicycles, refurbish them, and distribute them at no cost to children in the community. By recycling into the community bicycles that would otherwise be thrown away or left to rust, The Bike Project is fulfilling its mission to provide access to affordable and environmentally sustainable recreation to undeserved communities.



Buy Black Chambana

Mission: Community organization dedicated to empowering and creating space for all people to celebrate and honor black culture, support black businesses, and uplift the community through our many events, workshops, partnerships, and networking functions.

Project Proposal: This grant will be used to help cover administrative cost and membership cost associated with keeping the Black owned business directory up to date.



Champaign County Bailout Coalition

Mission: CCBC makes CU safer and healthier by paying bond for folks in Champaign County Jail. Bail is paid from a fund of community donations. When a recipient’s trial concludes, the donated money revolves back into our fund for another individual.

Project Proposal: CCBC will use the Round Up for Good Grant to provide post-release care packages to individuals for whom we've paid bond. Packages would include bottled water, snacks, and pre-paid transportation. CCBC doesn't currently have funding for these care packages, as all donations are earmarked for our revolving fund. Care packages would further reduce the harm inflicted by the traumatic experience of incarceration and facilitate the process of helping individuals return to their support networks.



C-U Books to Prisoners

Mission: The mission of Urbana-Champaign Books to Prisoners is to provide free books to people incarcerated in Illinois and to promote education about incarceration and prisons.

Project Proposal: Funds from Round Up for Good will enable Books to Prisoners to buy books that complement the generous donations from our community. Books we describe as “never have enough of”: GED Preparation, Urban Fiction, Addiction Recovery, Self-Help, and Science Fiction. We will send these books to inmates in Illinois State Prisons and Federal Correctional Institutions in Illinois for them to keep as always. B2P will also be able to supply needed books for the libraries in the Champaign County Jails.



Courage Connection

Mission: Courage Connection is committed to ensuring every member of our community has the education and resources to live in safe healthy relationships.

Propject Proposal: We understand that for our organization to provide lasting change outreach and education have to be a major priority. Over the year we have developed a youth outreach program called RESPECT. It is a 7th-grade curriculum that teaches the dynamics of relationships violence, the importance of self-love, and bystander intervention. We will use this money to grow this program. We would like to see this program in every middle school in the 4 counties we serve.



Developmental Services Center

Mission: (DSC), Developmental Services Center, located in Champaign, Illinois, is dedicated to the mission: DSC supports people in living a rich and meaningful life. DSC continues to serve approximately 1,100 children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Project Proposal: The Community Day Service program supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and supports people in increasing their independence. Participants are involved in recreational, social and educational, fitness, and artistic activities through patronage of local venues and job exploration. DSC has an ongoing need for funding of programming supplies. Funds from this grant would be utilized to fund supplies for these vital activities. DSC requests $3,500 for CDS program supplies.



Education Justice Project Reentry Guide Initiative

Mission: We connect people with the resources they need for a healthy transition to life after prison, providing tools for self-empowerment, resources related to housing, employment & education, and connections to social justice and advocacy organizations.

Project Proposal: Reentry after incarceration is challenging. That’s why RGI produces Mapping Your Future, a 200-page reentry guide full of information and resources that includes advice on housing, employment, health, and more. Last year we gave away over 10,000 copies and still did not meet demand. We expect another record year for people getting released from Illinois prisons. The grant will support printing and mailing costs, allowing us to help more incarcerated people who are preparing for their release.



First Followers Reentry Program

Mission: FirstFollowers provides services and guidance to those impacted by the criminal justice system. Our advocacy and outreach initiatives aim to build healthy relationships that positively impact communities.

Project Proposal: The Round Up for Good will help build our GoMAD Workforce Development program. Participants in GoMAD (MAD stands for Make A Difference) are 18-24 years old and have some history of involvement in the criminal legal system. GoMAD combines life skills, social justice and basic construction.The City of Urbana contracted GoMAD to renovate low income houses. We have completed three with several more contracted.We require equipment to continue the work-table saw,scaffolding and a small pickup.



Greater Community AIDS Project

Mission: GCAP collaborates with area resource to help empower the lives of those living with HIV and works within the community to reduce the spread of the virus.

Project Proposal: GCAP would use the funding from Round Up For Good Grant to purchase specialty food items for our food program. Some of those living with HIV have serious dietary restricted that cannot be addressed with food from other local pantries. Item that we have procured in the past range from probiotics supplements to nutritional drinks. Funds would also be used to purchase additional items for our regular food pantry.




Mission: A humanistic approach to establish an effective working system: Family, Community, and School for the livelihoods of Black/Brown LGBTQ-identified persons, peers, and/or students in Champaign-Urbana at large.

Project Proposal: 

Since HITNHOMEBOY’s inception in the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana, we have combated food insecurity alongside providing accessible resources for the Black and Brown LGBTQ community. Last year in our days of protest, we developed a “humanity over charity” concept in the creation of the Community Food Pantries (2) and a Clothing Closet.

In our process, we learned through community and civic engagement that most of the participants we served were of color (Black; Brown) and/or queer (LGBTQ). As on a weekly average, we serve 7/10 persons who identify as Black/Brown LGBTQ compared to 3/10 persons who identify as Black/Brown non-LGBTQ. 

HITNHOMEBOY would use the Round-Up For Good Grant to target a demographic heavily overlooked by our city committing to queer and trans communities of color. We would utilize funds to establish a database for documentation and tracking the population to create efficient data the Black and Brown LGBTQ community and HITNHOMEBOY. 

The Community Food Pantries would require continuous restocking monthly for our two locations (Neil St; 4th & Park) and maintenance as the materials (wood, screws, etc.) used to create the pantries have been overworked unable to withstand the coming weatherization changes this year. HITNHOMEBOY would provide either a rehabilitated or completely new model of our Community Food Pantries for cleanliness and presentation. 

HITNHOMEBOY would like to relaunch our “PSP” (Pantry Side Projects) such as the “HITNHOMEBOY HeartyBox”, which are small (sometimes personalized) food boxes that we deliver to those Black and Brown LGBTQ persons or families elderly or unable to travel due to disability, underline issues, or non-driver. In addition, the “HITNHOMEBOY Hygiene & Health Kits” will ensure that individuals who utilize the pantries are able to maintain their personal hygiene and health on a daily basis. 

Lastly, we would use funds to purchase a new and improved closet for our Clothing Closet initiative currently located outside the Independent Media Center. HITNHOMEBOY understands that humanity is not only to combat food insecurity yet to secure the sense of humankind as we want to clothe the community as well. 

Fashion has always been an avenue of expression for Black and Brown LGBTQ persons as clothing has been used for creativity, individuality, and most importantly a shield. Black and Brown queer and trans lives have influenced the styles of pop culture setting trends from vintage, thrift, even drag to high fashion. The current closet was able to provide services to our participants however weatherization has made it unable to withstand. HITNHOMEBOY believes in providing a closet that is more suitable for our community efforts.



Immigrant Services of Champaign Urbana

Mission: To help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Champaign County become knowledgeable, secure and productive members of our community--supporting recent arrivals with medical, educational, legal, housing, job-related and transportation challenges.

Project Proposal: Grant money will be used to provide food, clothing, household goods & referral services to newly arrived asylum seekers, immigrants & refugees, particularly the refugees we are anticipating from Afghanistan. ISCU is already working with local Afghan immigrant families to help their relatives from Afghanistan relocate to C-U. Based on past experience, we know that whatever government funds are available for them will need to be augmented by payments & services from organizations such as ISCU.



Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center

Mission: Living Alternatives is committed to providing excellent care, compassionate support, and honest information to those facing pregnancy decisions through authentic relationships that display grace, honor life, and foster community. #wesupportwomen

Project Proposal: We want women to feel fully equipped, educated, and supported when facing a decision with their pregnancy. To meet them during their time of need, our desire is that women know we are here for them before they even need us. And when they need us, they can find us easily. We have 2 centers in Champaign County, one in Champaign and one in Rantoul. Both of these locations could use improved outdoor signage on the street to help women see our locations and know we are here for them when needed.

Home - Living Alternatives (pregnancyresourcecenter.org)


Orphan's Treasure Box

Mission: Orphans Treasure Box is a bookstore with the mission of supporting vulnerable women and children. We donate money and books, while employing women in our ReStart program.

Project Proposal: Our ReStart program has employed 24 women in the last 5 years. The women are coming out of prison, addiction, homelessness or domestic abuse. Many times they are facing several issues at once. We say yes when other places say no. Beyond a paycheck, they get to start over here without shame. A grant would allow us to hire one more woman in this program in the next year. Over half the women in our program leave the shelter, get their own independent housing and move on to full time jobs.



PACE, Inc Center For Independent Living

Mission: PACE, Inc. offers services which support persons with disabilities in achieving and/or maintaining their independence. Our goal is full participation of persons with disabilities in the rights and responsibilities of Society.

Project Proposal: These funds will allow PACE to purchase an OrCam MY EYE and demonstrate this life changing technology. My Eye perches on glasses and photographs print to read aloud to the wearer. It also recognizes faces and states who has approached. Many are unaware of this incredible device. We have worked with charitable organizations to fund devices for individuals with disabilities that cannot afford them. Will be available to schools for short term loan. OrCam ($4250 retail). PACE Vendor price $2975



Planned Parenthood of Illinois: Champaign Health Center

Mission: Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) is the leader in providing and promoting comprehensive, compassionate health care, education, and rights.

Project Proposal: A Round Up for Good Grant from the Common Ground Co-Op will support the provision of high quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health care at our local Champaign Health Center. PPIL’s Champaign Health Center serves nearly 3,000 patients each year – helping to prevent unintended pregnancies through contraception, reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections through testing and treatment, and screening for cervical and other cancers.



Rape Advocacy, Counseling, & Education Services (R.A.C.E.S)

Mission: We provide compassionate comprehensive support to those affected by sexual trauma. We care for our communities through prevention education programs that promote consent.

Project Proposal: During COVID-19, RACES has seen an increase in requests for therapy groups from survivors of sexual violence. Many survivors are facing increased isolation, new challenges accessing services, and waiting lists for counseling throughout our community. RACES provides free, trauma-informed therapy for survivors. If awarded this grant, RACES would use these funds to offer more survivor support groups. Funds would cover materials and support staff salaries dedicated to this expansion of services.



Salt and Light

Mission: Our mission is to share God's love by fighting poverty with opportunities that empower people for lasting change.

Project Proposal: In 2022, we will be unveiling a new educational series that will be open to our community members as well as our credit-earning participants. We will offer classes for job skills training, financial skills(beginner through advanced), computer skills, and more. The Round Up For Good grant will help fund the cost of training instructors and purchasing the needed materials to run these valuable courses.



Uniting Pride of Champaign County

Mission: Uniting Pride exists to create a Champaign County where all who identify as sexual and/or gender minorities can live full, healthy, and vibrant lives.

Project Proposal: The Round Up For Good Grant will assist our training and education initiative. We currently offer trainings to workplaces, schools, individuals, and groups living/working in and around Champaign County. These trainings promote LGBTQ+ cultural competence, advocacy, and comprehensive sexual health awareness. Currently, we see 1-2 training requests per week.



University YMCA

Mission: The University Y develops campus and community leaders committed to social justice, environmental protection, interfaith cooperation and global engagement by fostering dialogue, reflection and action

Project Proposal: The Y will launch the Education for All Scholarship with help from the Round Up For Good Grant. This will support undocumented students in our community, or those who arrived in the U.S. as unaccompanied minors, by awarding scholarships for tuition at Parkland College, plus funds for education-related expenses. A community-staff committee will select awardees based on personal circumstances or immigrant experience. This project will also help attract additional gifts for future scholarships.



The Urbana Free Library Foundation

Mission: The Urbana Free Library Foundation advocates for and promotes support of the Library to benefit the community, meet the emerging needs of library users, and plan for future expansion.

Project Proposal: The Foundation is raising funds to make some upgrades to the Children's Area. Two options are planned: installing "browse-friendly" shelving for our new picture books and updating the young children play space with a new play feature.



Women in Need Recovery (WIN Recovery)

Mission: Women in Need Recovery (WIN Recovery) ensures a safe living foundation and provides women in recovery with support and vital life skills to transform and reintegrate into the community equipped with the skills to succeed.

Project Proposal: WIN Recovery gives every woman that enters our program a Welcome Basket, New Twin Bedding & a $50 gift card for groceries. We provide the women with everything they need for one month. The Welcome basket includes: Hair Products, Body Wash, Lotion, Loofa, Razors, Shaving Cream, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Brush, Comb, Hair Ties, Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, Towels, Pillows, Bras, Panties, Socks, Gloves, Coat, Hat & Laundry Basket. Funds from RUFGG will be used to welcome our ladies home.





Champaign County CASA

Mission: Champaign County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a not-for-profit organization which recruits, trains, and monitors volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children.

Project Proposal: CASA is the only agency that focuses exclusively on advocating for abused and neglected children. CASA would utilize 100% of this funding to recruit and train future Advocates. The promotion of our training is critical to finding CASA volunteers who are the backbone of the service we provide, and continued training allows our CASAs to meet the needs of our children.



Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation

Mission: We invest in educators and students by supporting creativity, innovation and excellence in Champaign and Urbana public schools.

Project Proposal: CUSF annually awards grants to educators in Unit 4 and District 116 to extend the curriculum in creative and innovative ways in the following areas; * Early Literacy (pre-K through 3rd grade * Fine and Performing Arts * Health & Wellness * Languages (ESL and foreign * STEAM * Career and technical education



Champaign Urbana 1-to-1 Mentoring Program

Mission: To positively impact the lives of select Champaign-Urbana students by pairing them with adult mentors to provide support, encouragement, and guidance.

Project Proposal: This year, upon returning to schools after the pandemic, the C-U 1 to 1 Mentoring Program is prioritizing the recruitment of new mentors. Many students have already requested mentors for the coming school year. Our demand for mentors far outweighs our current supply. This grant would support the C-U 1 to 1 Program with possible expenses in the following areas to recruit more mentors: brochures, billboards, lawnsigns, and other advertising.



Cunningham Children's Home

Mission: To nourish hope through effective solutions so children thrive and families flourish.

Project Proposal: Our Vocational Options Program works with youth who have emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges. Our Options staff is planning to open a beverage bar on Cunningham’s campus (fall 2021) to expand youths' employment readiness/practices. This allows unique opportunities for youth to be involved planning & operation of a small business & in a contained setting with minimal public interaction.(Covid concerns.) Durable goods & supply costs start up is $3475. Itemized list can be provided.



Crisis Nursery

Mission: Crisis Nursery creates an "Island of Safety" dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing 24-hour emergency care for children and support to strengthen families in crisis.

Project Proposal: Funds from the grant will support Crisis Nursery’s Safe Children program, which provides free emergency care to children “at risk of harm” due to a family crisis. Each child receives loving care, safe shelter, and basic necessities such as diapers, wipes, clothing, food, formula, and age appropriate activities. On average, the Nursery admits 400 children a year. By rounding up your change, you can help provide care for up to 12 children whose families are experiencing crisis!



Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club

Mission: To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Project Proposal: The Round Up For Good Grant would support updating Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club's (DMBGC) games room. Our Games Room is place for our members to just be a Kid in a safe environment. Given the recent uptick in violence in our community, DMBGC is strategizing on how to market our services to Teens to get them in our doors and off of the streets. Updating our Games Room with new state of the art gaming systems and equipment would help to do this.



Feeding Our Kids

Mission: The mission of Feeding Our Kids is to provide nourishing food to food-insecure school children in Champaign County on weekends and school holidays throughout the school year.

Project Proposal: FOK will use this grant to provide food bags to children of 2-4 years in age through Health Beginnings of the Carle Health Initiative. Beyond school children, we also want to serve these younger kids. We already work with CU-Early and Crisis Nursery to get food to some young families. With Healthy Beginnings, we can reach about 40 more families, with about $5000 per year in additional food expenses. This grant would help offset these costs so we can reach more of these vulnerable children.



Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Mission: Girl Scouts builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Project Proposal: In the upcoming year, 215 Champaign County Girl Scouts will be served through the G.I.R.L. Outreach Program. This program is a staff-led initiative providing a directly delivered Girl Scout experience to girls in our community who face increased environmental and societal barriers preventing equitable access to educational enrichment programming. A Round Up for Good Grant would contribute to providing financial assistance to these girls, which will total to over $5,000 in direct assistance.



Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

Mission: The Junior League of Champaign-Urbana is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Project Proposal: JLCU currently operates Bright Starts, a free “pre-school at night” monthly program for families in the CU area in collaboration with Urbana Early Childhood School. We provide a free dinner for the entire family prior to sessions.Parents learn from certified teachers and their pre-school age children learn simultaneously in another room with a certified teacher.The curriculum helps students in our community that don’t have access to pre-school gain necessary skills to prepare for kindergarden.



United Way of Champaign County Bottom Line Diaper Bank

Mission: To bring people and resources together to create positive change and lasting impact in Champaign County.

Project Proposal: Funds would allow Bottom Line Diaper Bank to purchase diapers for families in Champaign County. On average, babies go through 2,200 diapers in their 1st year! The average family spends $80+ monthly per child on diapers. The National Diaper Bank estimates 1 in 3 families experience a diaper crisis & 57% of parents report missing 4 days of work per month due to a lack of adequate diaper supplies. We work with 9 local programs to get diapers to families in need distributing over 4,000 each month.



The Well Experience

Mission: To support the holistic growth of minority families in our community by providing healing-centered engagement, resources, enrichment, and therapeutic activities. To provide advocacy that helps to dismantle racial disparities and systemic oppression.

Project Proposal: The Well Experience (TWE) provides Well Family Learning sessions that are open to underrepresented and disadvantaged families. We provide childcare and transportation to prevent barriers to growth and development opportunities. The Round Up For Good Grant will help TWE complete an indoor play space for children who visit our facility weekly while their parents are attending sessions that include financial management, career development, homework help for parents and school-aged children, etc.



Sustainability/Environmental Advocac


Champaign County Environmental Stewards

Mission: The Champaign County Environmental Stewards mission is to support efforts to provide area citizens with safe and convenient collection options for household materials that pose potential problems at the end of their useful life.

Project Proposal: Food Scrap Collection and Composting Promotion Project NO commercial food scrap compost program or residential food scrap compost program currently exists in Champaign County. 1) Conduct a local awareness campaign to encourage food scrap collection and composting businesses in Champaign County. 2) Assist in establishing a pre-consumer food scrap collection pilot project. Recruit commercial food scrap generators (restaurants, grocery stores, commercial kitchens) in Urbana to participate.



Eco-Justice Collaborative 

Mission: Through a lens of environmental, economic and social justice, Eco-Justice Collaborative advocates solutions to climate change stemming from our reliance on fossil fuels and overconsumption.

Project Proposal: EJC leads the Natural Climate Solutions Working Group of the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition. Working from principles of inclusivity and diversity, we will focus on climate solutions that reduce GHG emissions by creating carbon storage through healthy soils; land conservation; and tree plantings. Our goal is to improve community resilience through access to land, local food, and markets, and work in communities facing food insecurity due to the pandemic, climate change and systemic racism.



Prairie Rivers Network

Misson: At Prairie Rivers Network, we protect water, heal land, and inspire change. Using the creative power of science, law, and collective action, we protect and restore our rivers and return healthy soils and diverse wildlife to our lands.

Project Proposal: These funds will be used to support PRN’s work to promote a food system that is based on regenerative agriculture practices, which build healthy soil, protect water, and support biodiversity while producing healthy food. The influence of the chemical agriculture industry in Illinois is strong and far reaching. This grant will support our ongoing work to build alliances, reduce ag water pollution, and address herbicide damage.



Upper Sangamon River Conservancy

Mission: To preserve, maintain, monitor, and promote appropriate public use and awareness of the Sangamon River.

Project Proposal: The Round Up For Good Grant will help support the expansion of free recreational paddles on the Sangamon River which helps bring people closer to nature. Additionally, we are expanding citizen science opportunities for the public. Our citizen science program includes RiverWatch macroinvertebrate monitoring and mussel surveys which is growing quickly. Those served includes Scouts, UI Wildlife Society, and Master Naturalist. We wish to further expand participation to other area youth groups.





C-U at Home

Mission: C-U at Home is a grace-centered ministry dedicated to serving the most vulnerable homeless in our community. We strive to engage and mobilize our community to house and support our friends without an address.

Project Proposal: In addition to our overnight shelters and daytime center, C-U at Home operates four transitional houses for individuals coming out of incarceration, recovery programs, or off the streets. Our women's recovery house, at present, has no central air conditioning. We would use the funds to cover the cost (approximately $4000) of installing central air in this residence.





40 North Champaign County Arts Council

Mission: Cultivate Creativity in Champaign County

Projet Proposal: Such an honor to be nominated for the Round Up For Good Grant! After months and months of uncertainty, unrest, and immeasurable loss, we all search for ways to build back. The power of art can be channeled to create vibrancy, amplify voices, and provide refuge. Some of our programs needing support are the Boneyard Arts Festival, MTD ART, The Eric Show (our juried high school exhibition), the Great ARTdoors, and our Community Supported Art (CSA) Program!



The Celebration Company at the Station Theater

Mission: We seek out and nurture local talent, providing a supportive environment that fosters a love of theatre. We explore ideas, beliefs, and relationships in order to better understand the world we inhabit and the diverse voices that envelop us.

Project Proposal: We would use funds to pay for performance licenses to produce diverse theatrical work.



Champaign-Urbana Folk & Roots Festival

Mission: The CU Folk and Roots Festival works to preserve the diverse and evolving forms of folk music and art while helping to create an inclusive community and attract tourism to the greater Champaign-Urbana area.

Project Proposal: The grant would help us be able to increase our community offerings in the form of more free workshops, family activities and more folk performers.





Wildlife Medical Clinic at University of Illinois

Mission: To provide veterinary care to sick or injured wild animals, educate veterinary students and wildlife professionals about wildlife medicine, and promote conservation initiatives and ecosystem health through collaborative research & public education

Project Proposal: Funding will directly provide food, medications, medical equipment and diagnostic testing for wildlife patients presenting to the Wildlife Medical Clinic. We care for approximately 2,000 native wildlife annually, providing housing, food, and medical care to each. Every animal facilitates unique, hands on experiential training to our staff of veterinary and undergraduate student volunteers as well as opportunities to engage with the public regarding conservation of the world around us.