2021 Round Up For Good Grant Project Proposals

The following local organizations were nominated by Co-op Owners to be voted on during the 2020 Co-op owner election. Only organizations who submitted the Co-op's Project Proposal Form will be listed on the ballot. Each organization has been categorized based on their project proposal. The Round Up For Good categories include Food Access, Community Services, Children, Sustainability/Environmental Advocacy, Education, Housing, Arts, and Animals. 


Food Access


The Bucket Brigade

Mission: The Bucket Brigade was founded in response to a crisis of food insecurity in the wake of the pandemic. Our mission is to promote food justice by delivering hot meals, packaged food, fresh produce, and other critical resources to households throughout Urbana-Champaign. The Bucket Brigade is supported by a network of community volunteers who affirm the health and dignity of the families we serve. As of September, the Bucket Brigade has provided groceries, healthcare information, and other essential items to more than 650 families in the community.

Project Proposal: The Bucket Brigade will use the financial resources to extend its mission of providing good food and household supplies to those in need by purchasing essential products related to health, personal hygiene, and child care. We also plan to purchase products that reflect a sensitivity to dietary requirements/preferences, cultural identity, and seasonal needs. In the larger picture, we are aiming to create a volunteer-driven network of care to help people in need.



Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

Mission: The mission statement of the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen is to feed the hungry of our community regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. We welcome all volunteers to this service who share an unconditional positive regard for every human being. We provide a safe, respectful, and inviting environment in atmosphere of hope and dignity.

Project Proposal: Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, on March 23 we closed our dining room but continue to provide daily a hot meal and sack lunch to-go for approximately 200 guests.
Our expenses have increased since we must purchase biodegradable clam shells and disposal utensils for the hot meal. Our guests, especially the homeless and/or transient, have limited access to water since all water fountains in public buildings or local parks are disconnected,and will continue to be for the remainder of the year. We noted that many of our guest did not have face masks. So, additionally we are purchasing bottled water and face masks to meet the basic needs of many of our guest. We are writing for help with our on-going expenses. We estimate that by offering curbside meals, sack lunches, bottled water, and face masks our monthly expenses have increased approximately $2000.



Eastern Illinois Foodbank

Mission: The Eastern Illinois Foodbank exists to alleviate hunger in eastern Illinois by providing a reliable source of food for the hungry through cooperation with a network of food pantries and agencies.

Project Proposal: Funds from the Round Up for Good Grant will be used for general operating expenses.



Emmanuel Episocpal Church Sack Lunch Program

Mission: To feed the hungry in our neighborhood.

Project Proposal: At intervals, volunteers pack the sack lunches and they are stored for daily distribution by staff and other volunteers. All items are individual serving sized without need of refrigeration. Each bag has 4-5 items. Examples of what might be in a lunch include: Vienna Sausages, drink, sack of peanuts, crackers, granola bar, fruit and sausage sticks. The money from this grant would allow the lunches to have additional items in the bags, providing more food daily to those in need.



Feeding Our Kids

Mission: Our Mission is to provide nourishing food to food insecure school children in Champaign County on weekends and school holidays throughout the school year.

Project Proposal: We are anticipating growth this year and next, around 250 additional kids each year. With this growth, we need to purchase additional totes and dollies that we use to move the food bags and transport them to the schools. The quote for the additional bins is a little under $4000. Additionally, we spend about $10,000 each month on food. So any grants would help cover these food expenses.



Greater Community AIDS Project

Mission: The Greater Community AIDS Project collaborates with area resources to empower the lives of those living with HIV, and works within the community to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Project Proposal: GCAP will be using funds from the RUFG to help defray the cost of food for our Harvest to Home food pantry program. HTH allows households in which least one person is living with HIV once monthly access to supplemental food that helps stretch the household's food dollars. This year we expanded the pick-up time to allow greater access for those who may have previously had a school, childcare, or work conflict. Since we are serving a population that has a preexisting health condition we currently provide a drive thru service. Households are given 30-40 pounds of food that has been packaged for them. These bags always include: canned veggies and fruit, soup, canned meals, proteins (such as canned tuna. ham, chicken, and beans), pasta, box meals, cereal, and snacks. It is our hope that within the next few months we will be able return to a pantry that allows our clients to pick out their own food and supports their individual preferences.


Hope Center Free Food Market (Pantry)

Mission: We are a place of love and transformation. We meet basic needs and offer long-term solutions to empower people towards a more stable future.

Project Proposal: We will utilize the funding to increase our ability to offer nutritional, fresh, frozen and shelf-stable goods to the community through our ongoing free food market (pantry). We would also like to offer other health care products (e.g., masks, hand sanitizer, etc.) to give additional resources to low-income families during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Jubilee Cafe

Mission: CUCC's Jubilee Cafe provides a free Monday night hot meal to struggling students and others in our community who are food insecure and/or homeless--anyone who needs support. More than a meal, Jubilee also serves as a safe space where those on the margins can be seen and heard, especially with regard to affirming LGBTQ+ folk.

Project Proposal: Jubilee Cafe is an all-volunteer program. The number of people we serve has doubled annually, and more recently in the face of COVID-19 when we adopted the women and children of Austin's place and 14 families of D.R.E.A.A.M. House, a local program dedicated to helping young black boys achieve their full potential. We will use the Round Up funds to pay for produce, especially fruit this winter, as well as vegetarian and meat protein sources, including Muslim-friendly options for our D.R.E.A.A.M. families. We also will be purchasing warming items to help keep our guests more comfortable this winter.



Mckinley Pantry at Garden Hills Elementary School​

Mission: Our mission is to provide healthy nutritious food and other essentials to residents of Champaign Co. with an emphasis on the Garden Hills neighborhood. We recognize the hardships of living in areas where access to healthy food is limited; as such, we try to bring hope and help through the work of this pantry.

Project Proposal: Because of the restrictions of the current pandemic, the patrons can no longer personally shop in the pantry and the school cannot allow the general public in the school building. We have modified our process for distributing food and now prepackage large boxes of food and distribute the boxes outside of the school in the loading dock area. Because we want to help during this difficult time, the boxes of food are packed with close to two weeks worth of perishable and non-perishable food. Most all of the food is purchased through the Eastern IL Foodbank, or donated by members of McKinley. Our biggest need right now are diapers and personal hygiene products. Funds gained through the grant would allow us to continue to purchase food at cost through EIF, as well as purchase non food items such as diapers, wipes, toothpaste, deodorant and soap. These items are especially needed by our patrons as they are not able to use government assistance programs like SNAP to buy them on their own.



The Land Connection

Mission: The Land Connection trains farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques; informs the public about the sources of our food and why that matters; and works to protect and enhance farmland so that we, and generations to come, will have clean air and water, fertile soil, and healthy, delicious food.

Project Proposal: The Land Connection would use funding from the Round Up For Good Grant to support programming at the Champaign Farmers Market. Established in 2016, the Champaign Farmers Market was built to provide neighborhoods in our community lacking convenient access to fresh foods an opportunity for easy access during a time when our local farms are producing a plethora of delicious, fresh food. Now in our sixth season, we have expanded the market to be a place for supplemental nutrition incentive program recipients to grow their food budgets through our matching incentive programs, added sampling demonstrations for people to taste a variety of seasonal produce, built children's programming that engages youth in fresh and locally produced foods, and provided our community with relevant resources on seasonal food and farm products. Funding from Round Up For Good would assist us in strengthening these programs to build a stronger, more resilient local food system.



Sola Gratia Farm

Mission: SGF is a community-based farm dedicated to producing locally-grown, high-quality, natural produce. The farm is committed to helping those who lack adequate food resources by donating a minimum of 10% of its produce to support regional hunger programs. The farm promotes healthy lifestyles and community building through education, service, outreach.

Project Proposal: Each year, we participate in strategic partnerships that help our food insecure neighbors receive fresh food and support in eating healthy. Since 2012, we have donated over 82,000 pounds of produce through food pantries, soup kitchens, cooking classes, free markets, SNAP matches, produce presecriptions, and support in growing food. Our commitment to feed our food insecure neighbors fresh healthy produce remains the focus of our farm. In order to do this, we need to run a lean, efficient farm operation and participate in effective, meaningful partnerships. Funds invested into our farm by the Round-Up for Good Grant are focused on both enhanced food production efficiencies and our outreach programs, all with an eye for a balance of social, environmental and economic sustainability so we can continue to serve our community.



Solidarity Gardens CU

Mission: Solidarity Gardens CU is #NeighborsFeedingNeighbors. We are a community-wide collaboration empowering local residents and organizations to grow fresh vegetables to feed and nourish neighbors and residents in need. Website: www.solidarity-gardens-cu.org

Project Proposal: Solidarity Gardens CU offers free seeds, seedlings, tools, soil, containers, supplies, gardening expertise, and educational resources to any residents and organizations in the Champaign-Urbana area. We then collect, process, and redistribute donated produce to community members who are facing economic and food access challenges through the Solidarity Gardens CU Distribution Network. Funds will pay for supplies, volunteer appreciation, and coordination as directed by the Solidarity Gardens CU collaborative, which meets at least monthly. Funds are disbursed by Cunningham Township as fiscal sponsor.



Wesley Food Pantry

Mission: The mission of the Wesley Food Pantry is to alleviate food insecurity in our community one family at a time by providing them with one week's worth of nutritious groceries.

Project Proposal: Any given week, the Wesley Food Pantry shoppers include elderly adults living alone, large families with energetic children, college students, people with medical dietary restrictions, and all from a multitude of different cultural backgrounds. Providing them with the ingredients and staples that are familiar and that their family enjoys ensures their visit meets their nutritional needs. If chosen to receive a Round Up For Good Grant, we would use the funds to purchase food items including spices, grains, and cooking staples like flour and oil. We would also be able to purchase easy to prepare and smaller portion sizes for our single adult guests and those trying to carry groceries on the bus. It would allow us the opportunity to bundle together recipe ideas that include everything needed to put a meal together with typical pantry ingredients like dried beans and canned meats.
The addition of these items helps our pantry guests know that we empathize with their unique needs.



Community Services


Buy Black Chambana

Mission: Home to Champaign-Urbana's black-owned business directory filled with over 150+ businesses, Buy Black Chambana is a community organization dedicated to empowering and creating space for all people to celebrate and honor black culture, support black businesses, and uplift the community.

Proposal: Updating the online black-owned business directory and getting hard copies made. Hosting the 2nd Annual Urban Market where we create space for minority owned businesses to pop up at an outdoor marketing without fees being a barrier to participate. Expansion to turning online store to brick and mortar location



Champaign Church of the Bretheren 

Mission: Continuing the work of Jesus, Simply, Peacefully, Together

Project Proposal: We use our building as a place to serve our community. Many services are provided here to neighbors who live near and close. If we get this grant we will use it to make our building more accessible. We have installed chair lifts to help those with limited mobility get between floors once inside the building but as some of those we serve have moved to scooters we find that we need to install a ramp on the outside of the building.Right now we provide wheel chairs near each chair lift for transfer but the scooters cannot breach the 1 step that leads into our building. This can also be a problem for older walkers, those using a walker, cane, or crutches. We want to install a metal ramp to help those we serve get into the building more easily,once Covid is permits. We would also like to provide a bench outside of the church for those who use our unblocked WiFi after hours. Many people in the area do not have data, and sometimes no minutes, but have phones that can pick up WiFi. We are an active congregations in our community. Many services are provided here to neighbors who live near and close. Our food pantry provides emergency food boxes to families, after school snacks to children, and delivers food to senior citizens. Week days, Pre-covid we provided an after school program, public access computer lab with WiFi, Two churches provide Sunday services and a third provides a Saturday evening service for those in recovery, A Narcotics Anonymous group meets six days.



Champaign Conty Anti-Racist Coalition (CCARC)

Mission: To establish a space for organizations in Champaign County to come together and work with a common goal in fighting for marginalized communities and delivering resources to those communities.

Project Proposal: The grant will be used for our 'Uproot Initiative.' This specific initiative will be focused on delivering resources, like primary health care and child care, to the Garden Hills community through the school. The initiative will also focus on incorporating new forms of education and pedagogy for the students of Garden Hills through educational programs including nutrition education and political education. The initiative will include members of the coalition and organizations outside of the coalition to create a foundational network in delivering those resources. Funds will go toward setting up and maintaining programs including buying needed supplies and small stipend for the few organizers a part of the initiative from the coalition.



Champaign-Urbana Showing Up For Racial Justice

Mission: CU-SURJ is a multiracial group that acts to connect and amplify local organizations and people engaged in racial justice, with an emphasis on mobilizing white people and their resources to end white supremacy: by cultivating community, making clear commitments with accountability, gathering resources, and enacting collective self-education.

Project Proposal: It seems that each time that we become aware of an instance of racialized police or civilian brutality, we realize all too late that we needed a local rapid response network to engage resources quickly and strategically. With the RUFG Grant, CU-SURJ will develop infrastructure to leverage its 850+ individual, and 80+ organizational contacts into a racial justice rapid response network that can activate on short notice, but will also provide channels for ongoing coordination of campaigns across organizations. This project will span both the CU area and the surrounding rural community, and will include participation tiers so that members can select the frequency and type of call to action, as well as the mode of communication (e.g. email/text/call). As part of the project, CU-SURJ will initiate pro-active outreach and community-building among network members to engender socio-emotional resilience in order to prevent fatigue and burnout.



Community Choices

Mission: Community Choices partners with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Champaign County in their pursuit of independence, opportunity, and choice by offering quality, self-directed supports and services to assist in community living. We believe that ALL people should live rich, interconnected lives in the community.

Project Proposal: People with intellectual and developmental disabilities often need support in many domains of their life, especially everyday living and working. Community Choices is different because we support people not just to live and work, but to build the social connections and self-advocacy skills so that they can have full, rich lives. Funds from this program will be used to support our Connect Department. Specifically, we will use any donations to work directly with adult community members with disabilities to 1. identify their interests and passions, 2. build the skills and knowledge to explore those interests, and 3. to provide the upfront and ongoing support that they may need to find local opportunities to connect with their interests and integrate that new connection into their lives. We are a human services cooperatively run organization and build the principles of interdependence and community-building into all the work we do.



Courage Connection

Mission: Our mission is to ensure everyone in our community has the education, support, and resources to live in safe, healthy relationships.

Project Proposal: We are in the process of strengthening or bilingual and rural outreach programs in efforts to meet people where they are. This grant will help us provide resources to or clients that may not have the means to travel or the income to cover these needs. Gas cards, bus token, and the purchase of household items or gift cards will go a long way in helping survivors of Domestic Violence rebuild their lives.



Cunningham Township Emergency Fund

Mission: The Township’s Emergency Fund (also known as the Angel Donor Fund) provides life saving support for low-income Urbana residents dealing with the devastations of homelessness, joblessness, hunger, or lack of essentials.

Project Proposal: 100% of donations go directly to secure food, clothing, housing, power, transportation or essential needs of low-income Urbana residents. Examples: short-term emergency housing and meals for a homeless family referred by the schools, a pair of work boots for a resident about to begin a job, paying off an old utility bill to help a homeless resident move into a new apartment, a bus ticket for a homeless resident to shelter with family.



Family Service of Champaign County

Mission: Founded in 1911, Family Service is the oldest private social service agency in Champaign County. Our mission is supporting people across the generations by providing quality human services.

Project Proposal: Your generous gift of $3,000 would be used to reimburse mileage for our Senior Transportation and Meals on Wheels volunteer drivers. At our rate of .25 a mile, your funds will provide 12,000 miles of community support to seniors age 60+ who are sheltering at home during this pandemic. Volunteers deliver nutritious, hot meals and a friendly volunteer check through our Meals on Wheels program. Special diets are offered for people with medical needs or dietary preferences. Senior Transportation volunteers drive older adults to medical appointments including dialysis, chemo and physical therapies. They also take seniors to grocery shop or other appointments in the community with safety modifications that protect driver and rider. Both programs have provided continuous service throughout the pandemic. Your help allows us to meet increased needs this year and give back to selfless volunteers supporting area seniors. Please join us in protecting our most vulnerable citizens.



First Followers

Mission: Our mission is to build strong and peaceful communities by providing support, guidance, and hope to formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones through peer mentorship.

Project Proposal: We run a drop-in center where we assist individuals who are returning to the communities. This specific operation is a critical component to what our missison does. We provide employment referral and housing referral, ID attainment, and networking opportunities. We would put the grant funds towards the operations of our drop-in services.


Immigrant Services of C-U (ISCU, formerly CU Fair)

Mission: We support the integration of immigrants, refugees and asylees into our community as independent, secure and knowledgeable members. We use a holistic approach, helping with medical, educational, legal, housing, job-related and transportation issues. Our case managers regularly get in touch with the client families for the duration.

Project Proposal: Since the pandemic outbreak, we have focused on the weekly delivery of food to 300-400 families (bringing it to the clients' homes with our own van) and the provision of rental and utility assistance to some 50 families. To do this we have formed partnerships with some 2 dozen C-U and Illinois organizations: CUPHD; PTA Council of C-U; C-U Mutual Assistance; C-U Better Together; faith communities as Urbana Universalist Unitarian Church, 1st Prebysterian Church of Champaign, CIMIC, etc., Catholic Charities, Peoria Diocese; Bend the Arc; East Central Illinois Food Bank, and others.

Since our clients continue to suffer under high rates of unemployment, we would use the RUFGG funds to continue this work during the coming year:
- fund 3-4 rental assistance payments ($600 on average per check)
- fund 20-30 bags of food for weekly deliveries ($60 per bag).
The RUFGG funds would significantly increase our capacity to help immigrant families in need during the coming year.



HV Neighborhood Transformation (HVNT)

Mission: HVNT's mission is to support the transformation of "High Hope" areas by disrupting cycles of violence in communities, connecting those communities to meaningful resources and enhancing social consciousness through educational, political, social and economic activism. HVNT provides a voice for the voiceless, ect.

Project Proposal: In addition to supporting the current series that we just finished in our first 40 days of Peace and Community Building (40Forty) these series were/are Monday/Financial Literacy which educates on how money works. Tuesday/Trauma Series:Understanding the trauma in Community Violence. Wednesday/Woke Wednesday:education on Social activism and historical social awareness. Thursday/Trauma understanding in the youth. Friday/Fun day Friday event held a Arrow Bowling Alley for families (up to COVID restrictions) where we cover a percentage of the cost for families to come out and bowl. These funds would support those for the upcoming 40Forty as well as the new initiatives like Voters Registration, Awareness, Education and Safe Voting.



New American Welcome Center at the University YMCA

Mission: The mission of the New American Welcome Center is to help make our community a place where all immigrants can thrive and flourish. We do this by engaging local institutions and mobilizing community resources to ensure equitable access to services, economic opportunity, and meaningful belonging.

Project Proposal: Over the last 5 months, the New American Welcome Center has mobilized in response to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on our immigrant community using innovative outreach and service strategies to distribute over $150,000 in emergency financial assistance to 225+ households; create a multilingual COVID-19 resource guide; expand language & information access via Community Navigators from the local Latinx, Congolese, and Chinese communities; bridge the digital divide; and advocate for the inclusion of undocumented and other marginalized communities in local and statewide relief efforts. Round Up For Good will allow us to continue our resilient response efforts by supporting our ongoing emergency rapid response efforts and may be applied toward any of the following: direct cash assistance for the Immigrant Relief Fund; interpretation/translation stipends to immigrant community members; associated staffing, mailing, and printing costs for the Relief Fund.



Rape Advocacy, Counseling & Education Services (R.A.C.E.S)

Mission: We provide compassionate comprehensive support to those affected by sexual trauma. We care for our communities through prevention education programs that promote consent.

Project Proposal: The Round Up for Good Grant would be used to fund therapy services in Rantoul, IL for survivors of sexual violence. Many of our clients in the northern part of Champaign County and in rural Ford County find it difficult to get to Urbana for in-person therapy. Offering therapy services in the northern part of the county saves our clients much time and gas money as they utilize the crucial service of therapy after sexual assault.



Salt & Light

Mission: Our mission is to share God's love by fighting poverty with opportunities that empower people for lasting change.

Project Proposal: Our program participants earn store credit to spend on food, clothing, and household goods for their families. This store credit is earned at minimum wage levels (which will be $11/hr in 2021), and are capped at 5 hours per week. This means that most families are earning $220 per month, which is a direct cost for our organization. We currently have a lengthy waiting list of families that would like to participate in our programming - many of whom are elderly or disabled. Receiving this grant would allow us to open our waiting list to several families and be able to serve them for 6-12 months (depending on the final total for the RUFG).



Sistering CU

Mission: Just like sister joists in carpentry strengthen weakened structures, we provide extra structural support to families when a new child arrives. Led by empathetic, trained volunteers, our programs offer hands-on help to parents "free of charge" because we recognize healthy communities start with happy, safe families.

Project Proposal: Prior to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Sistering CU provided assistance in the form of an extra pair or hands, a sympathetic ear, and space form new parents to gather. We have had to suspend those types of services and are now offerring virtual support to mothers via a weekly support group. We have also begun offering gift bags to help raise spirits and maintain connections during this isolating time. These bags include gift cards (Walmart, Amazon,etc.), board books, toddler snacks, hand sanitizer, adult/child masks, and other things of use to a new family. We would love to expand this outreach by offerring this bags to new families and possibly on a regular basis to currently engaged families.

In the event that the pandemic eases up to where we feel our families and volunteers are safe returning to our former practice of having extra help in the home and gathering in a confidential space to talk, we would be grateful to have the funds for advertisment and volunteer training.



Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center

Mission: The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center’s mission is to foster the creation and distribution of media and art that emphasizes underrepresented voices and perspectives, and to promote empowerment and expression through media and arts education.

Project Proposal: The Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC) will be building an accessible entrance to the basement of our building! There is currently no way for folks with limited mobility to access the basement. We are so excited to make the work of the Makerspace and Books to Prisoners accessible to people with limited mobility and make it easier for many others to access the basement space. In addition to providing access to UCIMC working groups, an accessible entrance will benefit the Bike Project as well as artist and music studios. With the support of this and other grants, we can design, construct, landscape, finish and decorate an entrance that will make all of our projects accessible to everyone in the community. Not to mention that we are delighted to implement this project in our twentieth year of  operating as a catalyst for transformative media and social justice work in our community.





The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign

Mission: The Bike Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization of bicycle users whose mission is to educate and empower the community by providing a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, engage in maintenance practices, and promote safe operation through outreach and advocacy activities.

Project Proposal: We propose to use the funds provided by the Round Up program to help maintain and supply bicycles for the Cunningham Children’s Home, a residential program for children who suffer from serious emotional and behavioral challenges. The Cunningham Home provides bicycles to its residents to foster independence, provide a means for exercise, and for transportation to employment opportunities for residents in transitional homes. Unfortunately, their bicycles are in a state of disrepair and there is an urgent need to provide safe and functional bikes for their residential youth. Helping supply, repair, and maintain bicycles for kids at Cunningham Home would include: full mechanical inspections, any needed repairs, and installation of safety equipment including lights. This collaboration between The Bike Project and Cunningham Children’s Home will advance our mission by providing safe and functional bicycles for recreation and transportation to an underserved group within our community.



Champaign County Bikes

Mission: CCB Mission: The mission of Champaign County Bikes is to encourage and facilitate bicycling as transportation and recreation, and to promote public awareness of the benefits that bicycling brings to our community. CCB Vision: More people bicycling for more reasons to more places with benefits for all.

Project Proposal: Champaign County Bikes (CCB) is actively invovled in Encouragement events like Bike Month, Education events like school safety programs, and Engineering/Planning meetings representing the needs of bicyclists. But more and more we are focusing energy on Equity programs - making sure everyone has access to bikes, bike education, and safe streets to bike on. Our Earn-A-Bike Program with the Don Moyers Boys and Girls Club these last three years has been a good opportuity to work with under-resourced 8th and 9th graders, giving them bike maintaince skills and supervised experience riding their bikes around Champaign Urbana to increase their cycling skills and confidence. Students who complete a week with us, take home a quality bike that they assembled with one of our volunteer mechanics. CCB will use this grant to purchase the bikes, helmets, locks, and lights needed for future programs.



Champaign County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)

Mission: Champaign County Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a not-for-profit organization which recruits, trains, and monitors volunteers who advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children.

Project Proposal: Every day in Champaign County, a child is abused, neglected or abandoned. When those cases go to the legal system, they can languish for months or even years, only exacerbating the trauma that child experiences. Champaign County’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program was created specifically to ensure that a caring adult is focused solely on the child’s best interest. CASA provides a caring, trained volunteer so no child falls through the cracks. CASA asks for $3,000 to (1) expand and (2) improve volunteer advocate recruitment. For the most part, the CASA program relies on inconsistent free advertisement and media coverage when seeking new volunteers for our training classes. Being able to have a targeted campaign for advocate recruitment underwritten by Round Up for Good would allow us to expand our efforts with paid ads in an attempt to attract more volunteers. In the past, this type of campaign has been cost prohibitive for us.



Crisis Nursery

Mission: Crisis Nursery creates an "Island of Safety" dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect by providing 24-hour emergency care for children and support to strengthen families in crisis. Crisis Nursery is the only free emergency-based child care facility in Champaign County open 24/7, 365, for the entire community to access.

Project Proposal: A grant from Common Ground in 2021 would go towards our Safe Children program, allowing us to say YES to more children and families who are experiencing a crisis.
Our Safe Children program costs Crisis Nursery $14.50/hour to care for a child in crisis. This figure covers the provision of safe shelter, warm meals, and clothing for the child, as well as the caring and specialized attention of our staff to help that family get back on their feet. Last year, the $4,997 grant from Common Ground supported nearly 345 hours of crisis care. Since an average stay at Crisis Nursery is 8 hours, these funds are equivalent to nearly 45 different visits - visits that helped to stabilize a family and save a child’s life.



Cunningham Children's Home

Mission: To nourish hope through effective solutions so children thrive and families flourish.

Project Proposal: Proceeds from the Round Up Project will help youth who participate in our Vocational Options Program. Due to the COVID-19 crisis we are experiencing a decline in work sites able to provide workplace experiences for our youth. (normally, we have 30 business partners throughout Champaign County.) Because of this, Cunningham's Options staff is currently planning to open a beverage bar on Cunningham’s campus to expand current relevant employment readiness practices to meet our youth’s future employment needs. The aim of opening our beverage bar is to expand our vocational education to include small business strategies, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, marketing and real-world customer service skills in a consistent setting. The skills youth learn planning, managing and running the beverage bar will easily easily transfer to employment in a variety of industries. Proceeds received will offset the new and recurring costs associated with the beverage bar.



Driven to Reach Excellence & Academic Achievement for Males (DREAAM)

Mission: Driven to Reach Excellence & Academic Achievement for Males (DREAAM) is a community impact organization with a mission to build a school-to-college pipeline program for boys and young men ages 3 to 24. We work every day to sustain a culture of achievement, engagement, and behavioral health for boys and young men who face tough odds.

Project Proposal: The Round Up For Good Grant would be used for supplies needed, like computer work stations, for our DREAAM BIG! programs. DREAAM BIG! fills the opportunity gap by connecting boys and young men with low to no-cost learning and transformative experiences that cultivate college & career readiness skills, creativity, build social & emotional skills & boost academic achievement. There are 4 stages of DREAAM BIG! Programming for Beginners (ages 3-5) includes early childhood STEM education along with Kindergarten readiness services, parental education & empowerment, and parent-child connectedness. Achievers (ages 6-9) programming includes social and emotional development, cultural & artistic activities, and family engagement including family STEM nights. Believers (ages 10-13) programming includes violence prevention and conflict resolution. And Chasers (ages 14-24) programming includes mentoring & life coaching, youth employment, leadership development, & civic engagement.


Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center

Mission: Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center's mission is to aide with maintaining a healthy, compassionate, progressive community where children and families have access to services and supports that empowers successful development. To bring that vision into reality, UNCC provides year-round activities for in-school youth.

Project Proposal: The Round Up For Good Grant will help support Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center's initiative to expand the interactive recording studio opportunities provided for youth in grades 6 through 12. Program participants will engage in a series of technical trainings under the tutelage of a partner organization, in preparation for the filming of their instructional or commercialized miniature films. Receipt of these grant funds will enable the purchase of audiovisual equipment to be utilized for the creation of those videos, to include the following: High Definition Video Camera (x3), Lapel Microphone (x5), Boom Pole (x2). The objective is to provide additional avenues for youth to creatively express their views pretaining to life's circumstances as related to home,school and community. Leadership for this expanded opportunity will be provided by staff of the UOI FABLAB.



Sustainability / Environmental Advocac


Champaign County Environmental Stewards

Mission: The Champaign County Environmental Stewards (CCES) mission is to support efforts to provide area citizens with safe and convenient collection options for household materials that pose potential problems at the end of their useful life.

Project Proposal: CCES Project: Advancing Food Scrap Composting at Home

Organic material, including food scraps, is the single largest component of municipal solid waste (MSW) that enters landfills and incinerators across the United States. In Illinois, food scraps comprise 17.5% of landfilled MSW.1

The proposed CCES project will encourage persons to learn about food scrap composting and how to start food scrap composting at home. CCES will purchase kitchen food scrap pails2 to sell at the Co-op at a discounted price, along with an information packet of IL Food Scrap Coalition best practices and resources about how-to compost food scraps at home.
CCES will invite those interested to join a network of others supportive of advancing food scrap composting options in Champaign County.
1. IL Commodity/Waste Generation & Characterization Study Update, March 2015
2. CCES to purchase bulk quantities of WC Redmon Eco Green Lid Sure-Close Kitchen Food Scrap Pail for discounted sale at Co-op.



Champaign County Forest Preserve District

Mission: Protecting Nature. Creating Connections. We conserve wildlife habitat and enhance the natural environment for future generations through sound conservation practices. We provide environmental education, cultural programming, and outdoor recreational opportunities for residents of and visitors to east central IL.

Project Proposal: The Kickapoo Rail Trail has attracted a diverse user base since its opening in 2017. The Forest Preserve's trail development has focused on offering opportunities for many types of recreation, including recreation for individuals with mobility limitations. Recently, a resident who requires an electric wheelchair notified our organization that she is a frequent user of the trail. Electric wheelchairs operate on battery power; limited battery life and power sources keep her from experiencing more than one mile of the trail for fear of being stranded. We have worked with this individual to develop the concept of a shelter equipped with a solar powered charging station. Our goal is to install a shade shelter equipped with accessible seating and a solar powered charging station for individuals using electric wheelchairs. The power source would also be available to charge cellphones to assist individuals experiencing bike problems, health concerns, or injuries.

The forests, prairies, wetlands, and waters of Champaign County's Forest Preserves offer outdoor recreation for hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. The District’s six preserves, including the Kickapoo Rail Trail, encompass more than 4,000 acres throughout the county. In 2019, our educational offerings served more than 39,000 individuals. And in 2020, the forest preserves provided a safe escape from cabin fever during COVID-19. Visitation increased by 50% this spring alone.



Grand Prairie Friends Land Trust

Mission: Grand Prairie Friends is a not-for-profit, conservation land trust whose mission is to preserve and restore natural communities in east-central Illinois and promote an understanding and appreciation of natural resources.

Project Proposal: Preserving Your Prairie Legacy
Grand Prairie Friends (GPF) owns and manages over 1,000 acres of local prairies, forest and wetlands. Understanding the importance of access to natural areas, especially in times of COVID, all of GPF preserves are open to the public. Champaign County was once covered more than 85% in tallgrass prairie. We now sit at less than .001% of original prairie remaining. This puts fragile plant and animal species at risk. This puts our children at risk of never experiencing the sound of a prairie cicada or feeling the prickles of the prairie dock plant.
Over the next year, GPF would like to further protect these critical populations by using the grant funds to purchase and plant additional native prairie plant, and savanna tree species, into these preserves. To improve safe access at the Burnett Preserve in Champaign County, a small gravel lot will be installed to help visitors best access this beautiful prairie savanna along the Embarras River. Thank you!



Pope Prairie Owned by Heartland Pathways

Mission: Our mission is to teach people to know and appreciate their prairie heritage.

Project Proposal:  The Pope Prairie would like to create an educational kiosk with a protective roof and weather-proof display boards on either side to inform visitors and helpers about the prairie it would overlook.The aim would be to create a place for visitors and helpers to understand the nature of the prairie site and its importance as anexample of our ecology. We are requestng $3,000 to create a national park style allweather kiosk with diagrams and seasonal photogrphs to explain the nature of the regrowth successional prairies on a one time gravel pit and the remnant prairie surrounding it. The kiosk would be placed so that it would not dominate the ambiance of the prairie.



Prairie Rivers Network

Mission: At Prairie Rivers Network, we protect water, heal land, and inspire change. Using the creative power of science, law, and collective action, we protect and restore our rivers, return healthy soils and diverse wildlife to our lands, and transform how we care for the earth and for each other.

Proposal Project: The Round Up for Good Grant will be used to support PRN’s work to promote a food system that is based on regenerative agriculture practices, which build healthy soil, protect water, and support biodiversity while producing healthy food. One of the largest and most insidious threats to our land, water, and wildlife is chemical-based agriculture and the pesticides it is dependent on. PRN has been working to build awareness of and document the damages to trees, plants, and crops caused by highly volatile agricultural herbicides like dicamba. Very little attention has been paid to the threats posed by these herbicides to natural areas, private property, specialty crops, and ecosystem health. The influence of the chemical agriculture industry in Illinois is strong and far reaching. This grant will support our work to build alliances, monitor symptoms of herbicide damage, and educate landowners, the public, and public servants about the symptoms we are seeing across Illinois and the US.



The Randolph Street Community Garden

Mission: We will provide local residents, living under food apartheid, the opportunity to control some of their food resources by growing healthy produce for their dinner tables, and by passings on gardening traditions to a new generation of children.

Project Proposal: We propose to use this grant to help launch a Composting Project. One of the garden's biggest expenses is for composted earth and big savings would result from making more of our own compost. In order to do so, we need to build new compost bins and replace our broken chipper/shredder. (We wore out the 7 HP second-hand unit in under 2 years.) A new heavy-duty unit, the Power King, costs $2,500, has 14 HP and can chip up to 5" pieces of wood. It would serve us for a long time. There are several trees due to be cut down on the property and we could chip those into mulch for the garden. The balance of the grant money would be used to purchase wood to build sturdy compost bins and to support a Household Food Waste Composting Project. We would begin composting organic matter from the garden again and from nearby homes, including building a path from the parking lot to the food-only compost bins.





Campus Cooperative Preschool (Formerly Playtime Preschool)

Mission: Campus Cooperative Preschool was originally established in 1951. For the past 70 years, our mission has been to provide a creative and intimate learning environment that allows children in our community to feel valued, while at the same time developing the cognitive, social, and emotional foundation to enable future academic success. 

Project Proposal: As an educational institution, Campus Cooperative Preschool (CCP) is striving to adapt to the new reality brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. To ensure the health and safety of our students, families, and staff, we have transitioned our program into a hybrid learning model. Our dedicated teachers worked tirelessly over the summer months to schedule and reformat our unique curriculum for online learning. Families of CCP will receive weekly themed lesson plans, access to a virtual classroom, and videos demonstrating art projects and science experiments. Because we understand the importance of outdoor fun and interaction with friends, we will be providing a weekly outdoor playground session at our school. Our focus is on ensuring that our teachers, who have a combined 55 years experience at CCP, have the necessary resources to continue to nurture our young students and foster their creativity, self-confidence, and compassion for others. If we are chosen to receive this generous grant, all monies will gratefully be used to support our four core teachers as they continue to navigate the unprecedented challenges facing our preschool.



Champaign Urbana Schools Foundation

Mission: We invest in educators and students by supporting creativity, innovation and excellence in Champaign and Urbana public schools.
We partner with Champaign and Urbana public schools to provide culturally responsive opportunities and enriching experiences inspiring educators and motivating students for success.

Project Proposal: Our funds are distributed to local teachers through a competitive grant application process. With the new realities this fall for our students and teachers navigating the online and modified learning opportunities we are developing another process to distribute funds teachers. We plan to provide funds for professional development/ technology supports for the new online learning environment, as well as materials, books and manipulatives for student home/personal use. Typically CUSF distributes close to $60,000 in grant funds to teachers each fall for innovative projects, field trips, and extended or intense learning in the following categories;
1. Early literacy (pre-k through 3rd grade)
2.. Science Technology Engineering Art Math (STEAM)
3. Languages; foreign and English as a Second Language
4. Career and technology exploraiton
5. Fine and performing arts
6. Health and wellness initiatives Previous grant projects can be found at



Education Justice Project

Mission: The mission of the Education Justice project is to build a model college-in-prison program that demonstrates the positive impacts of higher education upon incarcerated people, their families, the neighborhoods from which they come, the host institution, and society as a whole.

Project Proposal: 1. Instructional materials. We couldn't operate without books and course readers, and we are always grateful for help in purchasing the copies that we need. Each student receives his own materials for use during the semester, and then typically circulates them through the population after the class ends. In this way, a single book will be passed through many hands.
2. Academic scholarships. EJP offers $1,000 and $500 need-based scholarships to individuals formerly incarcerated, family members of those currently incarcerated, and individuals incarcerated as juveniles.
3. Reentry guides. We produce a statewide reentry guide that we distribute for free to individuals in prison, family members, and social service agencies. It's a great resource that helps people prepare for life after incarceration. We have trouble keeping up with demand for the guide. Support is very much appreciated!



The Idea Store

Mission: The Idea Store is a nonprofit organization that fosters creativity, education, environmental stewardship, and community through reuse.

Project Proposal: The Round Up for Good Grant will support equipping our classroom with tools for educational classes and workshops, including sewing machines, an industrial paper cutter, and/or a video camera for production of online workshops.



Junior League of Champaign-Urbana

Mission: The Junior League of Champaign-Urbana is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers.

Project Proposal: JLCU currently operates Bright Starts, a free, pre-school at night monthly program for families in the Champaign-Urbana area in collaboration with Urbana Early Childhood School.Bright Starts provides a free dinner for the entire family (incl. siblings) prior to sessions.Parents learn from certified teachers and their pre-school age children learn simultaneously in another room with a certified teacher.The curriculum helps students in our community that do not have access to pre-school gain necessary skills to prepare for kindergarten.The program will be offered virtually this year with supplies to mimic a similar experience.This change has increased our food budget by 220% (previously $125/session).We plan to provide restaurant gift cards ($50/session) to serve an entire family dinner prior to the session.We may see a decline in participation due to the virtual format. We offer 7 sessions each year- est. total cost $3k. We also expect a negative impact on fundraising this year for JLCU.



Urbana-Champaign Books to Prisoners

Mission: The mission of Urbana-Champaign Books to Prisoners is to provide free books to people incarcerated in Illinois and to promote education about incarceration and prisons.

Project Proposal: With funds from Round Up for Good, U-C Books to Prisoners will launch the Just the Right Book project. We will buy books for readers in our local jails and state prisons to supplement the books donated to us. Books in categories that we describe as never have enough: GED Preparation, Urban Fiction, Addiction Recovery, Self-Help, and Science Fiction. Where demand always exceeds our supply. GED preparation materials are requested by state prisoners working towards getting a high school degree and a better future. We know our readers often donate books they receive from us to their prison libraries thus multiplying the impact of each purchase. County Jail libraries will benefit from an infusion of highly requested books that their readers need and want. When we are able to supply Just the Right Book we see delight on the face of the person who is receiving it. Each book then becomes a part of the Jail library collection waiting for the next patron to find Just the Right Book.



Wiley PTA

Mission: PTA's mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.

Project Proposal: Wiley Elementary School has focused on providing students and staff with an outdoor classroom space that includes a pollinator garden populated with Illinois native plants. This decade long project has finally taken root! The next phase of the project is to build raised garden beds, so children can plan and plant gardens within the outdoor classroom. We are in need of several items: aluminum garden plots, high quality dirt and compost, seeds, future plantings, gardening tools for students and staff to use, individual gloves, 2 picnic tables to accommodate class seating, upgraded sprinklers, and supplemental rock and mulch to keep the space covered. This grant would allow PTA to purchase a healthy portion of this list.
The outdoor classroom is solely funded by the Wiley PTA and maintained by volunteers. 80% of our school's students are economically disadvantaged, so we do not use traditional fundraising methods. Thank you for considering us for the Round Up For Good Grant!  





Champaign-Urbana Tenant Union

Mission: To provide tenants' rights education, advice and advocacy with the goal of improving fairness in landlord-tenant relations for tenants in Champaign County, Illinois.

Project Proposal: We need to replenish our supply of the "C-U Tenant Handbook," a guide to tenants' rights. Although this information is available on-line, the majority of the 2100 clients Tenant Union serves each year are extremely low income people. Many have no internet access other than by cell phone, and some only have flip phones. More than a few of the people we meet at our monthly visits to the Resource Center at Daily Bread Soup Kitchen have been banned from public libraries and cannot use those computers. Paper copies of publications are still essential for dissemination of educational information to a significant number of people in our community.



C-U at Home and Austin's Place

Mission: C-U at Home engages and mobilizes our community to house and support the most vulnerable homeless on their journey of healing and restoration.

Project Proposal: These funds will go to support our Men's and Women's year-round emergency shelter operations. In the past, our shelters were open during the winter season only. Our original plan with the shelters this year was to close on April 15 and then reopen on November 1. At that time, both shelters would remain open year round. With the onset of Covid, we have kept both shelters open for year-round operation several months earlier than planned. The unexpected year-round sheltering has led to additional expenses that were not in our annual budget. This grant will help offset that deficit. Since October 31, 2019, over 500 men and women have been served by our emergency shelter initiative. We have had to increase staffing at both our shelters and at our Phoenix afternoon drop-in center to accommodate increased service provision. We've remained in constant contact with Public Health to ensure compliance with local guidelines regarding social distancing, masking, etc. during the Covid crisis.



Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County

Mission: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.

Project Proposal: The Round Up for Good Grant would go to supporting our upcoming house builds. The majority of our house builds and neighborhood development work occurs in Urbana. The houses and neighborhoods close to the Coop. Our next three houses are all scheduled to be built in Urbana, and we would use the funds to help with materials that we are not able to get donated to build a house. We build with volunteer labor, and we would love the Food Coop or interested parties to come out and build with us one day as well. We feel that this is a great way to build community and a rewarding opportunity for our clients and supporters! The house that we build is for a low income at risk family, and it is supported by a zero interest mortgage. Additionally, there is some down payment assistance that Habitat helps with through grants to ensure that he homeowner can afford to maintain their house and transform their life with the new house.





Champaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC)

Mission: Champaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC) believes that health care is a basic human right, and is dedicated to the mission of working for quality affordable health care for all, and for environmental health and justice. CCHCC carries out its mission by providing free direct services, consumer education, advocacy, and community organizing.

Project Proposal: The Grant would support our Health Justice Fund Program, which helps pay for prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, durable medical equipment, and medical supplies for low-income individuals - whether they are uninsured, or have health insurance. Often, even if people have health insurance, they might be unable to afford prescriptions and medical supplies due to high co-pays or deductibles. CCHCC's Health Justice Fund is for any Champaign County resident experiencing hardship in affording prescriptions or medical supplies and equipment. Typically, the fund provides $25.00 of financial assistance to those under 150% of the Federal Poverty Level, but larger amounts are provided with the approval of the Client Services Coordinator or Executive Director. Clients can receive help multiple times throughout the year. We also work with clients to find long-term solutions for getting their medications, like applying for health insurance or a prescription assistance program.



National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) - Champaign

Mission: To provide education, support, and advocacy for all persons living in our community who are affected by mental illness.
NAMI-Champaign is the local affiliated of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a nationwide, grassroots, organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Project Proposal: Enriching Nutritional Health of Individuals Affected by Mental Illness
Mental health directly affects 1 in 5 Americans. The illness, stress, and treatment side effects frequently contribute to poor nutritional health. We propose to improve nutritional health with nutrition seminars and cooking classes to increase the skills and confidence of people living with mental illness. If Covid-19 restrictions require it, we will do the seminars virtually, which may require purchasing a couple of Chromebooks for equitable access. We plan to hold the cooking classes in the Flatlander kitchen. If Covid-19 requires it, we will repeat with smaller groups. If the kitchen remains not available at all, we will do the classes remotely (on-line) delivering the ingredients to each household. We will provide healthy seminar snacks to expand participants' knowledge of what is available and of what they may like. We will also provide the ingredients for the foods prepared in the cooking classes.

NAMI-Champaign has been active since 1983. We regularly provide support groups and classes to support family and friends of those affected by mental illness. We promote recovery, resiliency, and self-advocacy for people living with mental illness. We plan and contribute to local events that enhance community knowledge of mental health and fight the stigma associated with mental illness. People living with mental illness often have limit incomes; NAMI provides its supports free of charge.



Planned Parenthood of Illiois: Champaign Health Center

Mission: Planned Parenthood of Illinois (PPIL) is the leader is providing and promoting comprehensive, compassionate health care, education and rights.

Project Proposal: A Round Up for Good Grant from the Common Ground Co-op will support the provision of high quality, affordable reproductive and sexual health care at our local Champaign Health Center. Our Champaign Health Center serves more than 4,000 patients each year helping to prevent unintended pregnancies through contraception, reducing the spread of sexually transmitted infections through testing and treatment, and screening for cervical and other cancers. In Champaign County, 42% of women (13-44) are in need of publicly funded contraceptive services and supplies. Further, rates for STIs in Champaign County are 4 times the national average. From 2008 to 2017, rates for chlamydia and gonorrhea increased 20% and 46% respectively. Rates of primary and secondary syphilis increased by 130% during the same time frame. PPIL strives to improve the health outcomes for the people of Illinois by ensuring vital reproductive and sexual health care is available to those who need it most.



Rattle the Stars

Mission: Our mission is to prevent suicide and promote living.

Project Proposal: This grant will fund our program to provide care packages and cards to people with lived experience of suicide. The strongest predictor of suicide death is a previous suicide attempt. We hope to reduce future suicide attempts and deaths by providing attempt survivors with resources, information, and messages of empathy and support to increase feelings of social connection. We will provide care packages to hospitals, schools, churches, and other organizations that may have contact with attempt survivors. We will also create a program in which people experiencing suicidal thoughts or attempts can sign up to receive regular cards and supportive messages from volunteers.





Champaign Urbana Theatre Company

Mission: To provide our community with entertainment, education, and opportunities for involvement in all aspects of the theatrical arts.

Project Proposal: This grant would help us fund our Kathy Murphy Student Production and/or our Penguin Project®. Specifically, funding would go towards costumes, props, set supplies, royalties, scripts, and music. Our Kathy Murphy student production brings together youth from Champaign-Urbana and the surrounding areas each year. This production provides an excellent opportunity for students from several different schools to collaborate and get to know each other while working on a musical production. The Penguin Project® is a theater program for students ages 12-21 with special needs. Our artists are joined on stage by a dedicated group of peer mentors who have volunteered to work side by side with them through 4 months of rehearsals and the final performance. By providing access to community theater, the Penguin Project® demonstrates that the special challenges of a disability should not limit a child’s ability to participate in life’s experiences.



Community Center for the Arts

Mission: Our mission is threefold: To strengthen community by providing top quality music instruction; To emphasize the communal nature of music-making by cultivating ensemble playing;
To provide opportunities that sustain our community of teaching artists.

Project Proposal: Like professional musicians everywhere, many of our 25 music instructors are experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of the Covid crisis. Performance venues have closed or are restricted; teaching ensembles--choirs, community bands, drumming circles, chamber groups--have stopped meeting; individual lessons have gone online, restricting interaction and limiting access; and more fundamentally, the kind of personal musical interaction that we all thrive on has been severely confined. We request $4000 to help us underwrite an ongoing online performance series. Any money received would go directly to our teaching artists, to pay them to produce home concerts for posting and broadcast on our website, and on social media. We have begun subsidizing home-concerts, but our financial ability is limited; funding from Round Up For Good would make a significant difference in the lives of our teaching artists, and would contribute significantly to our mission and our community.



CU Folk & Roots Festival

Mission: Promote a feeling of community; create an inclusive event that gathers together participants from diverse backgrounds and beliefs; promote the folk arts; contribute to the artistic vitality of the area; expose and involve residents to varied and exciting forms of music, dance, and visual arts; provide opportunities for quality social interactions

Project Proposal: This grant would be used specifically to support our budget for local artists. In addition to our flagship event in October, we also host a stage at the Urbana Sweetcorn Festival and put on a "Winter Weekend" event in February. In a given year we are able to support 200+ individual local folk artists including musicians, dancers, and storytellers.



The Urbana Free Library Foundation

Mission: The Urbana Free Library Foundation advocates for and promotes support of the Library to benefit the community, meet the emerging needs of library users, and plan for future expansion.

Project Proposal: Music connects people and The Urbana Free Library has a long history of providing a diverse array of music programs to bring our community together and promote music appreciation while also featuring local musicians. The Urbana Free Library Foundation has supported the monthly UFLive! concerts for several years. These Sunday concerts, held almost year-round, are attended by up to 100 people each and allow people to enjoy live music. COVID-19 has put an end to our in-person UFLive! concerts for now, so we've moved our music programming online, making it more accessible to not just the Urbana community, but anyone interested in listening to local musicians. If we were selected for a Round Up For Good Grant, we would use the funds to continue and expand our music programming that enriches the community by bringing joy and connection through our common language - music.



WEFT Community Radio/Prairie Air Inc.

Mission: WEFT 90.1 FM is an accessible, responsible and responsive radio alternative, serving the diverse communities of radio listeners in East Central Illinois.

Project Proposal: This grant will support the growth and reach of the station's ability to support remote broadcasting and recording for live local music and other voices in the community. Included items include voice recorders for remote interviews, microphones and/or software applications. Additionally, this investment will provide an opportunity for our 70+ on-air hosts to record and plan programming from home, providing greater safety during the pandemic, while increasing the overall quality and flexibility of broadcasting at the station.





Care Center

Mission: We provide resources to help families be successful pet owners at all stages of their pets lives, including in times of medical crisis.

Project Proposal: Our organization provides financial support to pet owners who are facing financial hardship in our East Central Illinois community. Each year we provide roughly $15,000 of financial assistance to pet owners in the region, the majority of which covers immediate medical expenses like emergency surgery. We would love to be able to allocate more specific funds to preventative care such as vaccines, heart worm preventatives, and spay and neuter surgeries. Our organization would dedicate all funds received from the Round Up For Good Grant to providing preventative care to the pets of owners who do not routinely have access to veterinary clinics. This grant would especially help those with limited mobility, those whose main transportation is public transportation, and those who are on public assistance and unable to afford routine veterinary care. It is our hope that with an expanded preventative care program, we can stave off future medical issues in animals.



Champaign County Humane Society

Mission: To instill respect, kindness, and compassion for animals as community values.

Project Proposal: The funds will be used to fund surgical sterilization (spay/neuter) of feral or free-roaming cats. $2,500 would fund 250 neuters or 125 spays. When we provide this service, we include sterilization surgery, FVRCP vaccine, rabies vaccine, and flea treatment. With this grant, we would be able to provide this service at no charge to members of the public and partnering cat-rescue groups who are struggling to manage feral and free-roaming cat populations in their communities.



Hospice Hearts Animal Rescue

Mission: Hospice Hearts is a 501(c)3, volunteer-run foster-based animal rescue, licensed by the department of Agriculture, that serves cats & dogs whose owners are no longer able to care for them due to nursing home admission, serious illness, or death. We fully vet and appropriately re-home pets directly from families in need & local shelter transfers.

Project Proposal: Due to the ongoing pandemic, Hospice Hearts is unable to hold public adoption and fundraising events. As an alternative, one of our goals is to purchase at least one stainless steel kennel which houses three to four adoptable cats (approximately $1800 for a four kennel structure) to be kept and cared for at a local pet supply store. This type of kennel is a critical tool to not only help more pets find new homes, but also bring more attention to Hospice Hearts Animal Rescue (volunteer and foster home recruitment, donations, and future adopters). With more opportunities to adopt, we can help more animals each year. Any additional funds would be used for a purchase of bulk vaccines. When we are able to purchase vaccines directly from an animal clinic, at cost, we save on every vet visit. These vaccines are used at low cost clinics hosted both by Hospice Hearts and at the U of I to provide low cost options to the community. (Rabies, canine & feline distemper, bordetella & microchips)