Art Gallery

Featuring Emerging Local Artists All Year Long!

Common Ground strives to be the center of a vibrant community. Our owners believe that a vibrant community is one that is alive with art.

Our gallery is located in our highly utilized Flatlander Classroom, a space dedicated to connecting the community, facilitating educational opportunities focusing on healthy living, and providing access to local artists. This multi-use space is ideal for integrating the arts into the urban environment and creating partnerships among artists, the community and business. This year, we will be hosting two artist at a time, allotting each artist a locked case that is 8’ long x 44’’ high x 4’’ wide. We always welcome kids and group shows to apply!

Newest Installations of Two Local Artists: Yeong Choi and N.C. Stephens

Life by Yeong Choi

​Yeong Choi's Artist Statement:

I see humanity and nature as they are one. I explore the uniqueness in the being itself. The depictions of the water buffalos in my more recent paintings embrace both the creature's unique strength--the features revealing its physical vitality, vigor and energy--and its peaceful, industrious and patient inner nature. As the two dynamic external and serene internal characteristics coexist, they express the awe of each living being and its interconnectedness to one another. I put myself into these painting with distorting lines and transforming shapes and colors by pattern of my own nervous system as a way of conforming to nature. As Francis Bacon states, “ Painting is the pattern of one’s own nervous system being projected on canvas.” Individual lines in my bodies of work are connected and disconnected, but whole picture shows that these are all intertwined. Through painting, I see a structure of my internal world which is connected to nature and with the universe. I am still looking for what life is by following the glimpses of life from nature’s scenery, animals and people in joy, grief, and suffering. My work, so far, has been a process of finding what life is as I live my own life.

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Simply Food by N.C. Stephens

N.C. Stephens's Artist Statement:

My name is N. C. Stephens and I’m a food and still life photographer from Central Illinois. I find beauty in the shadows and peace in the quiet moments. I’ve been baking for 5 years, photographing for 4, and blogging for 3. I bake and stylize each of the food items in every one of my images. In my work, I strive to tell a deep, rich and delicious story, inviting the viewer to take a seat at my kitchen table. I began baking when I was 18 years old and, for the first time in my life, I was lovestruck. I was enthralled by the idea of taking different ingredients and creating something new and scrumptious out of them. Finding a balance between shadow and light, my images tell a story far beyond the plate of food. They hold memories of childhood or meals went by. I use fresh, locally sourced ingredients in my recipes, highlighting the beauty of farm to table living.

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