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Perfectly Imperfect

Common Ground Food Co-op is imperfect, and I know it.

I know it’s imperfect because it is a great co-op, and a truly great co-op is an organic, growing living thing that reflects the imperfect, messy, human community it exists to serve. Common Ground has evolved in so many ways since it was founded in 1974. Over 40 years, CGFC has been a constant dialogue of values, approaches, needs and wants of thousands of owners, staff and board members. Another change in the constant evolution that is Common Ground is upon us now.

Local Profile with Living Water Farms

Living Water Farms itself was established in April of 2008.  It was an off-shoot of the many years of gardening/truck patch growing that the Kilgus & Schneider families had done. The decision of what we’d name our farm was made by our entire family. We, along with all of our children and the two sons-in-law came up with suggestions for it, and it was then put to a vote!


Right now is the perfect time to enjoy a crisp, cool, refreshing salad. We love making salads with the fresh, organic produce from our local vendors. Whether it's a salad from our grab'n'go, salad bar, or a salad made at home, we've highlighted some of our favorites! 

Local Profile with 2nd Nature Honey

I am a beekeeper, but the truth is that beekeeping did not come naturally. When someone gifted me with a hive about seven years ago, I spent the first year being terrified every time I opened it.  Honey bees pick up very quickly on a beekeeper's fear, so I knew I had to get over it.  

When I started talking to my bees, I started to relax. Then I started to listen. They were talking back through their buzzing. Over the course of many conversations, my bees wrapped their tiny legs around my heart. Today I talk to them every chance I get.


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