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Easy Lunches for Back To School

Here at Common Ground Food Co-op, we want to make your transition back to school easy, fast, and fun. We've put together a helpful guide for healthy lunches that can be packed in 30 seconds or less with brain food found right here at the coop. Click the link below to print this handy guide as a shopping list or for the fridge. 

Local Fare

As summer comes into full swing local produce is easy to be had. This local fare is hard to beat and continues to be cherished year-round in our community. There is another aspect to local food thought that often gets forgotten. Native edible plants are most likely already on your table and in your garden, often given little special thought or very little encouragement.

Know Your Water

Introducing the Sustainability Committee!

The Sustainability Committee’s mission is to provide awareness of both renewable and nonrenewable resource usage. We strive to form a conscientious culture that approaches day-to-day resource usage with both frugality and practicality. We believe that sustainable practices can and should be incorporated into our daily CGFC operations. We strive to transpose our acquired knowledge into a comprehensive and trainable model.

Regional Profile with Mileur Orchard

Mileur Orchard is a family owned business first established in 1961 by my father-in-law, Max Mileur, on ground that had been farmed since the mid 1800's by my mother-in-law's family, the Graffs. Howard and I took over the orchard in 1996 when his parents wanted to retire.

The orchard and our Farm Market are located 1 1/2 miles west of Murphysboro on Highway 149 and we drive 206 miles to reach Urbana.

All About Ice Tea

Right now is the perfect time to sit back and sip on an ice cold glass of refreshing tea. The best way to enjoy a fresh glass of tea is with bulk, loose leaf teas. The reason for this comes down to a higher quality tea. Loose leaf teas contain a fuller flavor and subtleties that may not be found in store bought bagged tea. Enjoy hot or cold. Here are just a few of our favorites.

The Year of the Soils

Food is foundational. Eating is so much more than an isolated act of consumption, eating connects and unites us all. Yet eating, and for that matter food and farming, are dependent on something that is even more foundational - clean water and healthy productive soil.


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