Round Up for Good

A little adds up

Each month, Common Ground’s customers “Round Up” their change at the register to donate to a local organization that has been chosen by our owners. Customers may also throw extra change into our donation box on their way out. In 2015, together we raised over $28,000 for local organizations through the Round Up for Good program. The totals for 2016 are over $56,000! A little bit at the register adds up to a lot.

The Round Up for Good program began in February 2010, following the earthquake in Haiti. Common Ground owners expressed a desire to donate to the humanitarian efforts in Haiti through Common Ground. The process was so successful, our owners decided that it should be a permanent program at the Co-op.

Round Up for Good 2017 Schedule

In September, 2016 Common Ground owners chose these organizations to receive donations in 2017. You can see the results from that vote here.

January-Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (4,809.93)
February-Champaign County Humane Society ($4,491.72)
March-Prairie Rivers Network  ($4,728.52)
April-McKinley Garden Hills Food Pantry  ($5,363.52)
May-Common Ground's Food For All Program ($4,413.18)
June-Eastern Illinois Foodbank ($1,979.06 raised at Ice Cream Social and $4,223.01 through Round Up For Good)
​July-Black Lives Matter C-U ($5,748.59)
August-Planned Parenthood Champaign Health Center ($6,705.61)
September- The TIMES Center ($3,522.01)
October- U-C Books to Prisoners ($3,631.33)
November- Austin's Place Emergency Women's Shelter ($4401.82)
December- Crisis Nursery

Round Up for Good 2016 Results

January-Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (together we raised $4,576.29)
February-Feeding Our Kids (together we raised $3,134.43)
March-Prairie Rivers Network (together we raised $5,302.76)
April-Prosperity Gardens (together we raised $4,858.13)
May-Common Ground's Food For All Program (together we raised $4,413.18)
June-Eastern Illinois Foodbank (together we raised $6,907.35)
​July-Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club (together we raised $3,934.71)
August-Education Justice Project  (we raised $2,465.31) & Champaign County Health Care Consumers (we raised $1,997.89)
September- The Times Center (we raised $4,542.93)
October- UC Books to Prisoners (we raised $4,795.65)
November- The Wesley Evening Food Pantry (we raised $4,576.69)
December- Crisis Nursery (we raised $4,813.98)